Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chapter Review - Cheese in the Trap Ch44

This chapter's gonna be good!

Now that Sul and Jung are back in the game (and by back in the game, I mean talking to each other), the attention is one them once more. Sometimes I wonder why it is they receive so much attention. Is it the fact that Jung is popular or the fact that Sul is not so popular herself? Either way, Jung's cluelessness when it comes to Sul is adorable, and Sul's mini freak-outs are just as cute. So let me just say, it seems they're back to normal. He's unconsciously charming and naïve, and she's gullible and cautious. Interesting couple? I think so! The chapter starts out with them having a similar kind of interaction in class where you realize nothing's changed between these two. They're both just very stupid.

Now, at this point, I think it's cute that they're clueless to one another, but the way people talk about them is starting to get pretty obvious, and they both need to man up and do something about it. So far there's been no defining things to Sul and Jung's “relationship”. Are they friends? Are they more? It's pretty clear on some level that Jung is naively interested in Sul, and Sul is friends with Jung but cautious about it. The only cause of frustration (and awesome!) is the fact that Sul REALLY doesn't think that Jung isn't interested in her. Which makes me giggle. The reason I go on this little rant is because right now, instead of whispering behind their backs, people are starting to actually be forward about it. Classmates are asking Sul what's going on between them and classmates are asking Jung if he and Sul have “that kind of relationship”. Sul is frazzled, as usual, which is adorable. Jung kinda smiles and goes “what do you mean?” The only thing that saves Jung from answering the question properly is Jae Woo getting annoyed with everyone and going “cut the useless bullshit.” And Jung is just sitting there smiling.

Honestly, either he's playing dumb all the time or this kid is really stupid.

I mean, with how cunning and underhanded he can be (as we've seen in the past), has anyone found it strange that Jung is SO naïve when it comes to Sul? This is what I think makes a lot of readers distrust him. But we'll see how the plot thickens!

Now, there's a little explosion between Sang Chul (the little prick) and Jae Woo. I think there must be something personal Jae Woo has against Jung, and it seems to me because he thinks he has undeserved popularity – or that he's overrated. If he had talked more honestly and openly to Sul a year before I have a feeling they would have gotten along quite well. But at this point, it's pretty obvious that bringing up Jung around Jae Woo hits some pretty serious nerves. It wasn't even about Jung directly, but the mere mention of him seems to set Jae Woo off. I can't help thinking it's personal! Or maybe it's just plain old jealousy. Even at this point, Jung is a pretty mysterious character.

Now, The end of the chapter is Bo Ra, Eun Taek and Sul deciding to get something to eat when our lovely man In Ho turns up – just because he can. Oh! And just before I get distracted by the awesomeness that is In Ho and Sul, let me just take a few words to say that I think Min Soo is a creepy obsessive stalker. I'm not going to elaborate on that, but I can bet you this will come up later in the series! Mark my words, you'll remember that sentence. I'll take bets if I have to.

Anyway, back to this dynamic duo of what-the-hell-do-you-want-from-each-other. Honestly, it's obvious In Ho has some hidden agenda, but I don't know if it's Sul's naïve or gullible nature that makes her play along with him. If it were me I'd have either stopped talking to him a long time ago or just drooled over how goodlooking he is and never pay attention to a word he says. But let's see how Sul deals with him! Again, I don't think I can give too much away about their conversations, but it seemed unusually comfortable, for both of them. They still bickered a bit, but it's like they don't mind each other so much. I think it's better for both of them to get better acquainted but still keep their hilariously awesome dynamic. Also the fact that In Ho mentions his hand, he's given something away of himself, as well as revealing this hidden plot about Jung! Sul, being dense, doesn't really take the potentially dangerous side of it and thinks it must be an innocent mistake. At this point, we don't even know. I'm really anxious to find out the full story of In Ho's hand because we still don't fully understand the nature of Jung's character – and I think In Ho is the key to finding out.

The chapter ends with a bit of comic relief with Bo Ra and Eun Taek betting on who Sul will end up with - which is just the way I like them to react. Damn, I actually have no idea at this point! I think that's one of the things that gives me faith in this strip!

Until the next chapter, kidlets! Stay Sharp!


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