Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chapter Review - Cheese in the Trap Ch43

Now, the new chapter for Cheese in the Trap has come out WAY before I could even write a whole story review! I'm putting this up here for whoever's up to date with it (if any!) but that story review will be up soon, I promise. It's just that this is one of the few strips that I get worked up about – and on top of that, it's released weekly. This means that I only suffer through my entire week 's worth of university work to be able to read these sweet sweet chapters. By the time I get them, I'm salivating. I'm warning you beforehand that I will get extremely excited in these reviews, so I make no apologies for my language or behaviour while writing them, as usual. Oh, and before I forget! These chapter reviews will most definitely contain spoilers, so I do apologize if you read these and go “OH SNAP, I DIDN'T REACH THAT PART YET!”, but don't blame me! You have been warned. Past this point, I'll be talking about all events up to present. I will, however, give you some leeway on the spoilers and as per my usual conduct, I won't give away the ending, or some of the crucial awesome “OH SNAP” moments – because you all know how much I love those.

Just as a quick recap of (very) recent events, the last chapter was Jung running into Joo Yong, which commenced into an awesome but slightly creepy flashback, then Jung making a comment that Joo Yung should sort himself out instead of worrying about superficial things like 'love'. I mean, he practically goes “Are you in a fucking soap? Shouldn't you get your shit together instead?”. This left the chapter at a slightly shocking note because... Well... What the hell is he doing with SUL then? Goddamn hypocrite. Anyway, that's as much detail as I'll go into Chapter 42. If you're curious about it (and I can assure you, the flashback was BRILLIANT), you should check it out!

So, Joo Yong goes on a bit of a rant about how after he left his family's house, we wasn't sure if his lover would still want him (He's quite evasive about the gender here, so I don't think Jung realizes Joo Yong's “lover” is a man. Aaah lovely!), but love prevails all and his lover comes for him! It's quite a sad, pathetic flashback, to be honest. Just 5 panels of Joo Yong bawling his eyes out. Have I mentioned that I hate his character? This slightly fruity, slightly bitchy, weepy gay man with the most annoying ponytail and facial hair EVER. Ugh. I hated that he was in the storyline at all. All he does is whine.

Now, at this point, Joo Yong is gushing about his lover, and keeps insisting that Jung should find someone special too. Jung asks him what this girl is like that he's met. NOW. Here's where it all clicks. If you realize, Jung has some tension with that tutor/assistant tutor guy, who just so happens to be Joo Yong's big hunk of man love. I think this slimy little idiot realized that enough to 1. hide the fact that his lover is someone Jung potentially threatened, and 2. neglect to mention that it's a MAN. Lovely. At this point, I don't know if this is a smart move or not. Joo Yong tries to evade this situation by once again insisting that he should find someone special, bla bla bla. What interests me at this point is Jung's wonderful negligence in taking Sul into consideration AT ALL. Which is kind of confusing because for the longest time (before I saw last chapter's flashback) I had some faith that Jung was actually a decent person who was slightly misunderstood. I still think he is, but maybe he hasn't brought Sul up – or even shown any inkling of considering her – because he's a private person who'd rather keep it to himself. He certainly seemed that way when it came to dealing with In Ho. Oh well! Also, as a slight giggle factor, it seems like Joo Yong is still intimidated by Jung, which I see as a win - mostly because I don't like Joo Yong and he's icky. Yes. I said it.

And speaking of In Ho! Oh man, I love this guy. He's like, the comic relief of the comic relief. I used to think Sul was the comic relief because she's a little bit gullible and a little bit clueless, but someone with good intentions all around. But in social situations, man she's funny. However! In Ho is comical in his manic approach to things, his determination to screw Jung up, and his strange quasi-interest in Sul. I don't know if he's fascinated by her, but it sure seems like it sometimes. Now, put those two together, and you've got some BRILLIANT dialogue. Best interaction ever! I might actually leave this bit out in the review for you to read and enjoy, because In Ho's reactions are beautiful. This gist of it is that he's surprised that Jung gave Sul an edge in to apologize, when he was wishing with his sweet little demented heart that she would screw it up. He also still seems to think they're dating, because he's all “lol lol lol Jung's girl is such a difficult bitch” and you're all “you have NO clue what's going on, do you?”. Also, the way Sul just happily chucks the batteries out of her phone and goes to sleep made me laugh so hard. I don't know why she couldn't just put it on silent, but this way works better for the strip. I know there's a reason she's the protagonist!

Now, it goes back to Joo Yong and Jung, and I'm going to skim this very quickly in the review because there are other things to talk about and I'm reaching my limit on how much I can gush about one chapter. Also, I don't like Joo Yong and I think he's icky. Yes. I said it again. Read the chapter if you want to pay more attention to it!

Joo Yong freaks out when his lover calls him because Jung wants to answer the phone for him. He's all “Uhhh no! My “girlfriend” and I are fighting, I'm ignoring her on purpose. You go on home, I'll eat this food. Oh, and yeah. Give me some money, bitch.” So Jung goes “What a freaking weirdo”, gives his phone back, pays for the meal and leaves some extra money for Joo Yong as well – which Joo Yong uses to get smashed. At this point, his lover comes in and goes “Why the hell are you smashed? (to which Joo Yong doesn't reply because he's off his face and out cold) Lady! (to the woman that works at the restaurant), why did you let him get smashed? How did he get smashed? How much do I owe you for him getting smashed?” The patron then informs him that he doesn't owe anything because he came in with a younger, more goodlooking man who paid for everything, and they seemed quite close. Lover Boy then proceeds to freak the hell out.

Now, the last bit of the chapter is a little segment between Ah Young and Sang Chul. Sang Chul is another character I don't like because of his raging immaturity and how he always seems to be hyper. He runs into Ah Young and is still fangirling over her. He tries to get her attention by gossiping with her about Jung and Sul, claiming that they had a fight and there are huge rumours that they're going out (which is exactly what's happening. They did fight, and there are rumours that they're dating – even if they're not). Honestly, he clearly doesn't care at all about what's going on with them. He just wants Ah Young to go out with him so he's using this as an excuse. She doesn't fall for it and drops some serious Girl-Power-One-Love-Power-To-The-People shit on him (not that dramatic, but, you know. Basically, she doesn't fall for it, which I think is brilliant. I found Ah Young to be a little bit of an irrelevant character at one point, but now I've got to admire her spirit and her no bullshit policy.

At any rate, this was an interesting chapter. It ended with Sang Chul bringing out his maturity and having a fit in class, then Sul walking into class. I don't know if it's the same class, but I've been waiting for the chapters to go back to our lovely leading lady! There wasn't much for me to actually criticize or analyze in this chapter, no cliffhangers or gut-wrenching flashbacks like the last one, but it was good to go through this anyway. Since the artist and author, Soon Ki, has already had copyright issues with the strip, I'm a bit apprehensive about posting up pictures, but so long as you all know where it came from, I think we'll be fine!

Stay sharp kidlets! Until next week!


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