Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, welcome to the Mho-Shoujo manga review blog! A few disclaimers first:

1. I will not apologize for my use of exclamation marks, emotes or language. My metaphors might not make sense, my opinions may be out there and I make no excuses or exceptions for my love of everything cute and fluffy and shoujo.

2. This blog is for you! Based on me! You may not like me or my opinion, but don't hate on the manga. I'm reviewing and recommending them because I think all you shoujo lovers will love it too! If you don't agree with my manga choices or reviews, I'm sure there are plenty other places you can look for that'll suit your interests. Spamming will not be tolerated.

3. My love for the cute and fluffy does not encompass the stupid. I love shoujo, but I don't like to dwell too much in the side where the girls are helpless and the guys are unrealistically manly and fabulous. I cover the cute, not the mushy. Clichés aren't my thing. If that's what you like, I suggest you look elsewhere.

4. There WILL be the occasional exception on point #3 in cases of guilty pleasures :D We all have them.

5. I will definitely cover manhwa too!

6. I don't provide manga for download, although I may be able to recommend places you could download them at! Please don't ask me for links or to upload anything for download, because more often than not, I won't.

7. In random cases, I will cover a manga that is not mainly shoujo and in rare cases, not shoujo at all. Here on Mho-shoujo, we don't discriminate :3 This is a place where I will cover genres that are not purely shoujo, but also Adult, Romance, School Life, Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen Ai, Josei, Slice of life, Mature, Yaoi and Yuri. I don't do Hentai (although Ecchi is borderline), I'm not a fan of Shounen, Gender Benders or Doujinshi. I'm not sticking to those genres specifically, but I just want to give you a general idea ^_^

SO! Because this is an introduction I should outline what this blog will have! I'll be posting review of mangas. I'll start with complete ones because I can't stand incomplete mangas. The wait kills my soul O_O I will be posting about mangas I am up-to-date with, and keep updating as chapters are released.

There will be the random one-shots, where I will cover the one-shot of the week. Love it or leave it, these are for those short bursts of shoujo just to keep you going through the week.

I will also cover the Guilty Pleasure of the Month (refer to disclaimer point #4) where once a month, I will cover a manga that I loved to hate and would never normally admit that I've indulged in.

Similarly, I will cover the Manga of the Month, where each month I'll pick a manga that's stood out for me. To be fair, I won't pick my all-time favourites, but perhaps once I've got this site up and running a bit more I'll have a separate section for those.

Okay! That's all I have to say about this site! Oh dear, I've rambled and haven't even introduced myself :D MizzFWA, at your shoujo service. HUGE shoujo fan, self-proclaimed artist and random blog-writer (as of right now). I've got a random comic strip based on the real-life adventures of my friends and I, and you can check it out if you like speed-drawing and lots of gay humour:

That's it from me, for now! Lots of love love love - the reviewing starts immediately!


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